Saturday, August 21, 2010

Drinks and Running followed by more Running

After resting on Wednesday I met Trailmomma over at Rio for our 6 mile run. I am still supposed to be keeping it nice and easy and resting which I did on Wednesday. I have a had a very busy week so far at work and it even included letting a t.m. go. Needless to say I was feeling mentally exhausted and desperately in need of some time away from work. The good news is I am a week ahead of my remodel schedule.

Playing with Lil Man...It was his idea to dress up

Trailmomma and I were both early for our run, maybe it had something to do with the fact that we both wanted to go out after our run and get a much deserved drink at La Casa. The run started off great or that is how I remember it. I was feeling pretty good at the beginning but then that slowly changed as the miles wore on. As we hit 1.5 miles I was wishing and secretly praying that trailmomma would need to use the restroom. But not today she just kept on going. On we went, as we hit our turn around spot I needed to stretch because I was in some obvious pain.

After my quick stretch and Trailmomma’s photo shoot for Fleet Feet/ Fair Oaks Roseville we headed back. On the way back in I needed to walk a bit and I told Trailmomma to go ahead without me I would catch up. And that is how the last 3 miles went, she would surge ahead and I would come along rest take her photo an then repeat as needed. This was often. As I hit the six mile marker I was relieved to be done running finally. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy running, but I also enjoy running more when it is pain free.

Yeah!! Six miles done and now off to La Casa for margaritas.Those drinks tasted so good and I wonder if we could make it a regular thursday thing? Thank you trailmomma for the awesome birthday present, I can’t wait to use it and I love the card. That is so true.

Lil Man couldn't wait to help me open it

Awesome!!! Can't wait to use it. New bladder with top closure.

This weekend Trailmomma is in Tahoe, and that means I am on my own. I made plans to run with a friend of mine and told her I only wanted to do 12 nice and easy. Only as Friday came I didn’t know if I was going to be able to run 12 miles at all. My back flared up and it was a good thing that I had an appointment to see Lily my massage therapist. She worked on me and was able to get me into running form. It was touch and go though because I couldn’t lie on my back without pain and she had to prop my legs up. She did her magic like always and when I woke up Saturday morning I was feeling strong and ready to go. But if I had been asked on Friday to go for a run on Saturday I would have said no, that is how wrecked I felt.

As I was getting ready to meet my friend for our easy 12 miles I quickly realized that when I started my laundry I had left my wallet in my pocket. Everything was soaked. Not a good way to start and then I was 15 min. late for our run. That is totally unlike me; usually I am early and ready to go.

As we took off I didn’t have any aches or pains which is rare for me. As the miles ticked away my friend asked me if 9:30 pace was taking it slow? “Ummm” was my response, then I explained that if my body is able to run that pace without any pain I should let it. I have been running nice and easy now for 3 weeks and it felt great to increase my effort but the weird thing about it was, it felt effortless.

As we hit our turn around spot I was surprised at how quickly it came. On the run back in I was still feeling strong but then with 3 miles to go I started to get really tight. I didn’t want to slow down and pushed on. I pushed myself those last 3 miles to keep my original pace because I needed that pace more mentally than anything else.

The past 3 weeks or so have taken a lot out of me mentally and physically. I was beginning to dread to each run and with that any movement. I know that I should probably have kept it slower then that but my body was feeling good and I knew I could push the last 3 miles.

As we finished my friend was laughing at me because I was really tight and walking funny. But hey, I did it. Once I got home I decided I should roll on my foam roller for a bit to try and loosen me up and I even did some stretches she showed me. That seemed to help, I am still walking a little funny but I am sure it will clear up by tomorrow.

Showing me how to roll properly.

Lil Man wanted to take a picture..I think I need a haircut

Tomorrow I am not sure what I am planning on running, but I should probably keep it nice and easy. Today I am resting and just enjoying this cooler weather we are having. I find it strange that it is late August and the forecast only calls for temperatures to reach the 80’s usually this time of year it is a boiling 100 degrees. But I am not complaining, I enjoy running in cooler weather anyways.

Enjoying the afternoon with Lil Man who made a roller coaster for everyone to enjoy!

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