Monday, August 16, 2010

Relief at Last

It has been about 3 weeks now since I have been suffering from some very random injuries. In those 3 weeks I don't think not a moment went by when I wasn't in some sort of pain or hobbling around because I couldn't walk. But at long last I knew I had to do something about it. Even though my friend trailmomma kept telling me to see a doctor weeks ago. My pain was getting so severe that I was crying Sunday afternoon because I couldn't move, I couldn't breath without pain, and every time I did move I was in excruciating pain.

I made an appointment with Dr. Chu from Elite Spinal and Sports Care. Trailmomma had recommended them and I am so thankful that I finally listened to her. As chance would be Dr. Chu had a cancellation today which meant he could see me right away. Awesome, because I needed some relief fast. He spent a full hour working on me, getting my back to loosen up, putting my #2 rib back in place and realigning my neck and back. He also made time to explain the whys behind everything he was doing. Let me just say that I hobbled in there and when I left I was walking normal and I still am even after sitting for a bit.

He did let me know that I seemed to have high threshold for pain. Which I knew because it took 3 weeks for me to see anyone. He also explained to me that my right side was causing all my problems. My lat. muscles were pulling on my neck muscles which caused the stiff neck, which in turn pulled on my gluts and was causing that excruciating pain and finally after all that he explained to me that my #2 rib had basically popped out of place which is why it was higher then the others and that was causing my difficulty with breathing and chest wall pain. I sound like a wreck.

OMG!!! Is all I kept thinking. He fixed me up, put my rib back in place, loosened up my gluts, and aligned my neck and back. I only wish that I would have seen him sooner. I have a follow up appointment next Monday.

Tomorrow is Tuesday and my normal day to run with trailmomma. We plan on doing the usual 6 miles. Dr. Chu even encouraged me to run to see how I felt and to see how the treatment was working. That is the great thing, they will work with you to keep you training and in shape all the while treating you, unless of course it is not worth the risk. So far so good for me. I will know more tomorrow when I go and run 6 miles.


  1. You don't know how happy I am to hear how well your appointment went today. You sound like YOU again even! Better late than never right? Dr. Chu and Dr. Lau are the best of the best. So happy and looking forward to our run tomorrow!

  2. Doesn't it feel good to be back in alignment? I have to see a chiro every 2 weeks just to put me back into place. LOL

    Glad to hear you feeling better.

    Trail Turtle - Shannon

  3. Vegannut- I can't belive how much that one visit has helped already. Can't wait to be running pain free here pretty soon...I hope. See you on the trails.