Sunday, August 8, 2010

Special Meme Time

I am really beginning to enjoy having weekends off. One of the perks being the Remodel ETL. Saturday evening I was invited over to Coach Nikon's house to hang with his family. Trailmomma and her family were also going to come over. The last time we were all together was a few months ago. It was a lot of fun. Trailmomma brought over some awesome Salmon Burgers they had picked up from Costco. It was my first time eating one and it tasted great. Next time my we go to Costco that is defiantly going to be on our list of things to pick up. My contribution to this get together was fresh homemade salsa with mango. It tasted pretty good and had a bit of a kick, right Coach Nikon. Here is the recipe that I threw together.

Mango Salsa:

-Fresh tomatoes 5-8 diced

-1/2 red onion diced

-Cilantro- I used maybe half the bushel

-JalapeƱo peppers 4-seeded-But I did miss a few seeds

-Fresh Lime juice squeezed-1 lime

-Cup of Mango's diced

-Garlic finely chopped

Mix together and cool and enjoy.

I also made gluten free chocolate chunk cookies. My first time. I had a great time last night laughing and talking and watching the Peanut and Cheetah play together. Thanks for the good food and great friends.

Sunday morning arrived and I had planned on running 12 miles all by myself. I was able to get an early start which was great because after my run it was special meme time with my nephew. The first 6 miles I held a 9:36 min per mile pace. The second half I held a 9:35 min. per mile pace. Not bad after running 16 miles the day before. Overall my body felt strong. I had minimal back pain probably due to the ibuprofen I have been taking. It is always great to finish a morning run by 9 am and get home and still have most of the morning.

As I arrived home Lil Man was watching some TV because he had been helping his mom and dad clean the house. I asked him if he wanted to go to the park and he did. I texted trailmomma seeing what her morning plans looked like and if they wanted to get together. We decided to meet around 10:30 at the park. This would be Lil Mans first time meeting trailmomma and the peanut.

We arrived a little after 10:30; I had forgotten how long it takes Lil Man to get in my car. He likes to do is normal routine of getting the little ball I keep in the front set and then he needed his drink holder because he had chocolate milk to enjoy. I had packed him his back pack with snacks in case he got hungry.

Trailmomma and the Peanut were already at the park enjoying some muffins and tea when we arrived. The peanut was little shy at first as was Lil Man but they soon warmed up to each other and took off running to the playground. Here they enjoyed running around and going down the slides. We even walked over to the river. Lil Man had a blast with the peanut and I think he would love to hang out again. As we finished up at the park Lil Man told me he wanted to play with the peanut again, even on the ride home he asked where the peanut went. It was so cute.

Riding the dinosaur!

His favorite new slide

All by myself meme

Follow the Leader

He had so much fun that when we got home he took is nap not to long after. I am glad that I was able to spend some special meme time him. I am sure we will see his new little friend again.

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  1. Awe this is great! Sorry it has taken me so long to get caught up on your blog. Darn Peanut fever is off and all on day Sunday and today.

    Cute pictures and your salsa was YUMMY and yes, those Salmon Burgers from Costco are pretty darn good! :-)