Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Get 'er done

I can’t believe it is only Tuesday. I really wish I could close my eyes and when I open them it will be Friday. This week so far has mentally drained me which has then depleted me physically. It has been a challenging week so far at work, but I am bearing down and as construction world would say “get 'er done.”

With that in mind I attempted a 6 mile run tonight with Trailmomma which in fact turned into me walking/running for only 5 miles in this hot August evening with temperatures in the 100’s.

I arrived at our spot by Rio nice and early. All week I have been running late and tonight that wasn’t going to be the case. As I was standing because sitting caused me to stiffen up I received a text from Trailmomma that she was running late, Vans was stuck in traffic. No big deal I wasn’t in a hurry.

While I waited I stretched hoping to loosen up my back which has been stiff all day. I also noticed that I have bruises along my rib cage from my chest to my back on both sides where Dr. Chu from Elite Spinal and Sports Care had worked on my yesterday. It was a little uncomfortable and I defiantly noticed it during this run. I also noticed that I couldn’t take a deep breath. It felt like something was catching just behind my right shoulder blade and then intense pain would penetrate from my back to my chest. I had to take shallow breaths and pray that I didn’t sneeze or yawn or cough. My legs were also pretty tight, I couldn’t stride out like I wanted to and my gluts were tight. Probably due to this past weekend’s long runs and taking yesterday off.

I must sound like a wreck but let me just say that the pain I have been feeling is nothing compared to the pain I have felt before I started seeing Dr. Chu.

I had to walk around mile 1.5 and I told trailmomma to go on and get her speed workout in without me, I would be fine. Off Trailmomma went and I was happy that she was able to get some quality miles in but I was also sad that I couldn’t run with her today. But I knew if I pushed it anymore then I already am I would be pushing myself to hard. As I walked along the American River noticed that we were pretty much the only runners out today. It must have been too hot for everyone else. I ran when I could, but it was pretty pathetic.

As I ran along I ran into Trailmomma and turned around roughly a little over 2.5 miles for me and 3 for her. We ran together for a bit and then she took off again and we planned on meeting up at the bathroom because the status on her pee bar was full. (Just for you Coach Nikon) –It’s from the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. - A very funny movie.

Overall Trailmomma was able to get in some quality miles I suffered through 5 miles of walking and running and we made plans to do it all over again on Thursday. Yeah!!!! Usually I am wreck on Wednesday and by Thursday everything miraculously clears up and I can run and then Friday I can’t move. In the afternoons on Friday I get a massage from Lily and she gets me back into running form so I am able to knock out my long runs over the weekend and then the entire process repeats itself without fail.

This Friday I also go back and see Dr. Chu so he can reassess me and continue working on my rib cage which seems to be causing most of my problems. Maybe the heat had something to with my performance today and maybe because I am mentally drained and physically drained at work that also caused my poor performance. I am not sure but it could also be a combination of all three. My new motto for the week “Get 'er Done” and that is just what I plan on doing one way or another.


  1. Whatever works! As long as you don't hurt yourself more.
    I see you have a double marathon in a month? That sounds interesting. ;)

  2. I also noticed, as I was posting the other comment - one of your favorite links is REI. Woohoo! Thanks. ;)

  3. If you're in pain and having difficulty on Thursday, then we shouldn't run. Let me know what Dr. Chu says when you email him!

  4. Well you should start feeling better since you passed your PF and back issues to me now. Ooopps Pee Bar is full got to go.