Friday, August 27, 2010

Not so Pathetic Thursday

Yesterday morning as I was getting ready for work, I seriously had some doubts about the run with Trailmomma later that evening. I was hurting above average for some reason. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that at work the previous day I was frantically trying to get my expanded stock room together and ready for our dry grocery trailer that was coming in Thursday night. Without the stock room we were going to be out of room fast. I was busy lifting, bending, scooping, climbing and having fun. I didn't realize how much I missed my stock room until I was actually working in it again. It actually put a smile on my face and cheered me up just thinking about how great it is going to be to get this done and turned over for my team.

As I walked, correction hobbled into work I was pretty sure I wasn't going to run. Only it was 4 am in the morning and to early to text Trailmomma and before I knew it my day was complete and it was time to get ready for our run. Luckily with all of my activity that day I seemed to have loosened up though it was a very painful process.

I drove to Rio and waited for Trailmomma to show up in her car. Only when I saw her she was running. She had decided to run the 3 miles or so from her house to Rio. I quickly gathered my things and jumped out of the car which by the way surprised me and off we went walking to the trail. Usually I can't do anything quickly. I was feeling pretty good and now I was really looking forward to this run, maybe it wont be as pathetic as my last attempt. I was in a hurry to get running for fear that what this feeling would go away just as quickly as it came.

Off we went, Trailmomma was catching me up on her day, meanwhile I was focused on keeping a pretty steady pace, a pace that we together haven't run in a long time because I haven't been able to. I kept the lead with Trailmomma close on my heels. I could hear her and that motivated me to keep pushing, she reminded me of our 20 miler on Saturday and not to push to hard. But my body was feeling good or I should say my body was allowing me to do this and I knew I would be paying for it later.

As we were nearing our turn around spot a biker was approaching on the pavement and I saw him moving his arm to the side. I just thought he was signalling the other riders on the road about us runners up ahead. Nope I was wrong he was signalling for us to get off the pavement. I scooted over and was a little dumbfounded that it had happened. I just laughed it off but it seemed to really upset Trailmomma.

On our way back in Trailmomma was talking and I was zoning out pushing myself to stay ahead of her when out of nowhere this biker swerved and almost hit her. I was shocked and couldn't believe what I saw, I actually had to ask Trailmomma if he was trying to hit her. YES!!!!! Immediately I hear her yelling, and I see her waving her arms about. I have never seen this side of her. WOW!!!! The biker of course didn't turn around but if he did I would have had her back. I believe that the bike trail is a multi use trail and runners can be on the pavement. But what do I know.

Trailmomma was flustered or I should say angry. I was still in shock that I saw the Jersey Girl come out of her. We finished our run and I gave Trailmomma a ride home as she was completely spent from the days activities. I felt great after this run. I was holding a pretty steady pace and it only hurt a little bit. Actually it hurt alot. Each shallow breath I took, each step, did I mention each breath but I was able to complete this run.

I was advised by Dr. Chu to get an x-ray to rule out any sort of fracture or dislocation of my ribs earlier this week. I did get the x-ray and the next step is to get the x-rays so that Dr. Chu can look at them. he has narrowed down where the ribs are most tender (painful) and it is the number 5 rib.

I also had a massage this evening and Lily worked her magic on me. She was able to loosen my back up which was a huge relief. I did for the first time actually shed some tears because my upper back was so tender she couldn't even touch it and when she did I about jumped off the table. Over the past 4 weeks she has kept me together and helped me to be able to get through my weeks. Thank you so much.

Tomorrow I have a 20 miler run with Trailmomma. We are keeping it local, one because I don't want to be in the middle of nowhere and not be able to get back in, two she has to be at work later that evening. So it is a win for both us.

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