Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Not the Smartest Run

I can’t believe that it is only Wednesday. It feels like Thursday already. I will say that I am totally looking forward to this weekend’s long run that Coach Nikon is putting together. Coach Nikon, trailmomma and I are planning on meeting in Foresthill to run Cal 1 which is part of the Western State Trail. I have run this once before and I enjoyed this run. It is a lot of downhill, with beautiful scenery and then a dip in the river at the bottom followed by a 3 mile climb out.

Yesterday I met trailmomma for our usual Tuesday run. We had planned on running 6 miles with some minute intervals thrown in to work on speed and leg turnover. Only that didn’t happen. We did complete 6 miles though. Trailmomma was feeling exhausted, and I was having some difficulties of my own.

Trailmomma was great; she kept my mind occupied from my obvious discomfort and pain. She even offered to end the run or make it shorter; maybe I should have listened to her. All I could think of during this run was how much more I could put up with. I was hurting pretty bad but I was being stubborn. I was also battling a long few days at work that have been overly stressful which I am sure added to the pain.

As we were running along we saw a ton of bunnies out, some huge Turkeys that stopped us I mean stopped trailmomma in her tracks and also a deer with some very big antlers. It wasn’t hot last night the conditions for running were just right. The bike path did seemed overly crowed with more bicycles out due to the great weather.

This wasn’t exactly the greatest or smartest run I have done, but after my stressful day I knew I needed to run to get my mind off of the day. That is exactly what happened. I was more focused and energized to tackle the rest of the week.


  1. LOL - those damn turkeys love to come out when trailmomma is around. ;)

  2. JoLynn - those darn turkeys LOVE me! HA

    Pigeon - did you make a dcotor's appointment yet????