Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pick Ups Anyone?

All this week and all of last, I have been having a self battle with my body. Which by the way my body is winning. It all started last week when I woke up and couldn't move my neck. It has happened before so I took it in stride "No big deal."

Then the following day I still couldn't move my neck and now I couldn't pick up my right arm or even use it for that matter. Then a few days later after I tried to get out of bed and as I put weight on both of my feet I had a stabbing pain that started from buttocks and shot all the way up my back. Not good, that pain is still present with the occasional neck pain and shoulder pain.

In the morning it takes me a good 2-4 hours before I am walking normal again. usually I am hobbling around taking really small steps and not lifting anything because one time I tried to pick up my nephew and I had to quickly put him down. I didn't even get him 2ft off the ground before it felt like my legs are going to give out and the pain is unbearable.

I finally gave my friend Lily a call who is a certified massage therapist and she was able to get me in right way and worked on me for an hour and half yesterday. The massage defiantly helped. She told me my head felt as heavy as a bowling ball, it seemed like I had whip lash, and my back is not aligned anymore. She has worked on since last November and knows my body.

The good news legs only had a few knots in them.....which to me is great news especially with all the running I had been putting in.

But whiplash really? I haven't fallen recently, I haven't been in a car accident and I haven't hit my head. Wonder what is causing all of this. All I know is it is getting painful waking up every morning and not being able to walk, move my neck and or lift my arms. But like a stubborn fool I am I am still running.

After my massage I met up with trailmomma. We had decided we would try and do some mile pick ups. 1 mile warm up, 1 mile pick up, half mile recovery and so forth. The plan changed a bit because both of us were not feeling to great. I was feeling pretty loose but was still in some pain. We ended up doing a 2 mile warm up with a bathroom stop at 1.5 for trailmomma. During our mile pick up I quickly faded. As I was running I couldn't take a breath in because it felt like something was pinched in my back. Then my lower back just suddenly began to hurt with some stabbing pain so I had to slow down a bit, but not to much I think I was still holding around 8:20 pace. Trailmomma was looking really good out there. She was like speed racer.

Go Speed Racer!

After we completed the first pick up we checked in with each other and I confessed to trailmomma how I was really feeling at this point. As we started back up we had decided to do 1 min pick ups which would give me a better chance to recover and I don't think trailmomma was feeling to well her stomach was bothering her. The way back we did 3 sets of 1 min pick ups for a total of 6 miles. Yeah!!!! Great Job trailmomma....I was hardly standing after this run. Maybe I am pushing myself to hard, or maybe not.

But of course with yesterdays activities this morning I was again in some excruciating pain. Even my sister commented how terrible I looked. Like clock work maybe 3 hours into my shift I was walking around fine. I am going to see Lily again this week. It helped yesterday.

Over the weekend lil man had a play date with one of his buddies and he had a blast playing in the back yard.
Driving around, watch out Toby!

riding his trike

Enjoying the sunshine

Best Buds!

Thursday trailmomma and I are planning on running again, not sure if we are going to do hill repeats but I am sure I will be out there running.

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