Monday, August 30, 2010

To Stronger Runs Less Pain--I Hope--

Have you ever had one of those weekends where what you did or accomplished should not have been doable. That was how my weekend went. It was amazing, remarkable, enjoyable, and today painful. Saturday I ran 20 miles with Trailmomma and that run felt great for me. I was in a fantastic mood and my spirits were high. Then the most amazing thing happened. I went to sleep that night and when I awoke I wasn't in pain---OK I should say not as much pain as I would have expected to be in. So I did it again, I ran 20 miles again and this time I ran it 10 minutes faster then the previous day.

How is this possible when on Friday I was a broken Pigeon I ask myself?

What have I done differently?

The answers I wish I had, but I do not. I never thought I would run 20 miles back to back and still have the legs the following day. I have no pain in my legs in fact they feel great.

 Again I ask myself; How can this be? Maybe I should just enjoy it for what it is.

Of course come Monday morning I am in so much pain that I am about to cry from it.I knew it was too good to be true. The pain has woken me up every 30 minutes and every time I breath it hurts even more. Maybe I can hold my breath and never breath again, yeah not an option. I tried trust me.

Eventually I am able to roll out of bed, but even that hurts and then I am able to get to work. Why not go in early since I can't sleep. I managed 4 hours of sleep last night. As my day continues the pain dissipates and all is well again. My legs are in no pain, it is just my rib cage from front to back.

After my long day at work I headed over to my appointment with Dr. Chu from Elite Spinal and Sports Care . He worked on my entire left side and found some new tender spots in my collar bone area, my left shoulder felt like it was going to pop out and he worked on stretching out my hip area to help eliminate some of pain.

 I am able to run this week, and that is what I plan on doing. Today of course is my REST DAY! I believe that Dr. Chu treatment is helping me along with my weekly massages from Lily. Looking forward to my run tomorrow evening with Trailmomma. Here is to hoping the runs get stronger and the pain gets less.


  1. Did you say back to back 20 milers?

    If so you better knock it off.

  2. I did, don't worry no more of that!