Friday, August 6, 2010

Hill Repeats

After Tuesday’s pickups trailmomma and I decided we wanted to do hills. But the big question was which hill? Coach Nikons hill which is located in old Fair Oaks –Pennsylvania Ave.- or Captain Kirks hill which is located by the Hazel bluffs. Both of these hills we have run before and both hills are a great quality workout.

Somehow trailmomma agreed to meet at the clubhouse in Old Fair Oaks. I was bit shocked when I read the email because I thought I would never see her in that area. This is due to the fact that this area has tons of chickens just wondering around. In fact there are road signs that say “Caution Chicken Crossing” But sure enough she had decided to face her fear or maybe she really just wanted to run Pennsylvania Ave.

I arrived first and was waiting outside my car for her with my camera ready just in case I could capture that moment of fear, only I didn’t get a picture because as soon as she pulled in she wouldn’t get out of her car. I slowly walked over to her car. She had the windows up and I am sure the doors were locked. Apparently she needed me to scare the chickens that were flocking all around her car. I couldn’t tell if she was laughing or hyperventilating or maybe a little of both. Maybe we should have met somewhere else?

It didn’t take long for trailmomma to get moving, I on the other hand was having a little problem even walking. Pennsylvania Ave. is 1 mile away so we used that as our warm up but of course before we could really get started trailmomma had to use the bathroom. Maybe the chickens made her nervous.

With rest room stops completed we were off. The mile warm up seemed to go by quickly or maybe I was dreading these hill repeats. I knew that it was going to hurt more so then when we did this hill in training back for AR50. It isn’t because I am out of shape, but that I had injured my neck and back a few weeks ago and was still having some major issues.

Once we arrived at the base of the hill I told trailmomma not to wait for me. I didn’t want to slow her down. She is a much faster runner then me and that is one reason why I like training with her because she keeps me on my toes and I enjoy her company she tells the best stories.

Off she went, and I was pretty close behind for about 5 steps and then the speed racer came out from inside of her and she was gone. From my angle it looked effortlessly for her. Here I was huffing and puffing and each breath was painful because of the knot on my chest.- Not sure how it got there- The end couldn’t come near fast enough. This hill is steep and tricks me into thinking it is complete but then it keeps going at a steeper pitch then before. Brutal but Great.

After the first set trailmomma looked fresh ready to go. I wasn’t but I pushed on and pushed and all I could hear was Coach Nikon “drive, drive, drive.” That is what he said during our workouts with the Fleet Feet Group. I did just that. I pushed and when I felt like I couldn’t go any further I pushed harder. Trailmomma in the mean time was cruising along. She was strong on all 4 repeats. I completed my 4 but I was glad when I was finished.

After completing a hard workout like that I feel rewarded. My body is tired but inside I feel like I can conquer anything. My juices are flowing and I am thinking when can I do that again. Really? How can I say that after repeats. I found it fun and painful. Painful because of the last 2 weeks but fun because it really makes me push myself mentally. Just when I think I can't push one more step I do and I do it again and again.

On the way back we stopped at the concert in the park and enjoyed people watching. But I am sure trailmomma was chicken watching. We didn’t stick around long, we both needed to get home. The chickens while we were gone had decided to camp out under and next to trailmommas car which of course caused a panic attack. She tried shooing them with her water bottle but to no avail. I scurried them on their way. It was pretty hysterical to watch trailmomma jump in her car and roll the window down so we could continue our conversation.

All in all it was a great night. The run helped to loosen me up and this morning I was walking normally with minimal amount of pain and trailmomma faced the chickens. I am not sure what I have planned this weekend, but I am sure it will involve running and maybe a special Meme time with my nephew.

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  1. Yup, it's great to train with those better than you so you too, can get better. Why does trailmomma run with you (pigeon) if she is so afraid of birds?! ;)