Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Slowly Back On Track

Yesterday I met Trailmomma for our usually 6 mile run out at Rio. I was actually excited to be going on this run because on Monday I had seen Dr. Chu from Elite Spinal and Sports Care. He worked on me for an hour to help relieve my pain throughout my upper body and lower back. He worked some magic on me because I was feeling better, not 100% better but better then I have felt in 3 weeks or so. It had been so long since I have been in pain that I have forgotten how it felt to not be in pain. Back to our run on Tuesday....

Before our run Coach Nikon called me and left a message saying do not run fast, take it nice and slow. He also had texted me earlier in the day. Then come to find out later he had also called Trailmomma and told her the same thing. Ahhh he knows me so well, because if I could have I would have opened up a little bit just to see how I would hold up. But I didn't we kept it nice and easy. Thank you for caring Coach Nikon.

I arrived a little before Trailmomma and she showed up just a few minutes later. I was all smiles which over the last few weeks that was not the case. In fact I dreaded those runs because I knew how I was going to feel during and after. We started our run and it felt really good, I was only in a little bit of discomfort but not as much as in the previous weeks. As we ran along I "suggested" to trailmomma that she might want to use the bathroom at the mile and half mark. She did....Thank You!!!! While she was in bathroom I stretched out a little bit, my back was getting tight, my chest wall was getting tight, my breathing was getting labored and painful.

After my little stretch break, we continued on our way. My pace was slow, real slow. We hit our turnaround point and I again stretched a little bit. I was getting really tight in my back and chest wall which was causing difficulties breathing. Every time I breathed in it caused pain in my back and chest wall and when I released my breath it also caused pain. So I had to take shorter quicker breaths to adapt to this. Probably not a good thing if I am changing the way I breath to stop the pain.

Overall though this run my body was feeling better. Yes, it tightened up but today I wasn't in as much pain as I usually have been in. I have another treatment on Monday and on Friday I am getting a massage. Today I plan on resting......did everyone read that.....I AM RESTING....Trailmomma and Coach Nikon did you catch that I am resting today Wednesday.

Thursday I am meeting Trailmomma for our run. Probably nothing to hard again keeping it nice and easy. She is also heading out of town to Tahoe so Saturday I am on my own for my long run. That is if I even do a long run.


  1. What? Sorry, I think I saw a pig fly outside my window . . . did you say RESTING? It isn't Monday is it?


  2. Trailmomma---Yes I am resting, as hard as that may seem, I am sitting on the coach with my legs up...But I am also thinking about running some...maybe 3 or is so hard to rest.

  3. "sitting on the coach"? Too funny.

  4. Hahaha!!! That is funny, you know what I meant to say. Thanks for pointing that out to me. I was a bit tired when I wrote that.