Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cascade Falls/ Bayview Trail Hike

 My time in Tahoe is coming to an end. Only a few more days left and the next few days it is suppose to rain. Last night I walked down to the pier to catch the last bit of the sunset over the mountain.
Here it is a full moon.

After enjoying a peaceful evening I was ready for my next adventure.

Cascade Creek Fall Trail

Spectacular views of the 200-foot high falls and Cascade Lake.
Cascade Creek Fall : Easy
                                 Elevation 6800' / 6910'
                                 1 mile-one way

If I remember correctly Cascade Lake is a private lake for only those residence that live on the lake.


Cascade Lake in the back ground. I am glad that I started my hike early. It is about 1 mile to falls on a very narrow trail. On my way back the trail was getting really crowded and I found myself stepping aside so others could pass. If you plan on visiting the falls the best time would just after the snow melts.

Cascade lake and Lake Tahoe in the back ground.

I spent some time here just wondering around the huge rocks. It was peaceful and calming. After Cascade falls I hiked the Bay view trail, this would take me to Granite Lake, and eventually if I kept hiking it would connect with the Eagle Falls trail head. The loop would be a total of 10 miles but I decided upon a out and back.

Bay view Trail

Offering magnificent views of Emerald Bay and Lake Tahoe, this steep trail lead me up the side of Maggie's Peak into Desolation Wilderness. I stopped at Granite Lake for a short rest .
Bay view Trail : Strenuous
                        Elevation 6910' / 8440'
                        1 miles to Granite Lake

On my way up Bay view trail, Emerald Bay was formed by a glacier.

Granite Lake

As I kept hiking and gaining in elevation my views were incredible. They just got better the further up I went. Can you see the white spot in the middle of Lake Tahoe? That the MS Dixie making it's way to Emerald Bay.

At the saddle. Mountains all around

Hey, look it is Eagle Lake. I saw that yesterday.

This is what I had to look forward to once I finished my hike.

The hike was great. It had a ton of switch backs and was very steep. But it was worth it just for the views.
Over this past week, I haven't done any running. I have done a lot of hiking. I am looking forward to my run on Sunday with Trailmomma. I am sure we have a ton to catch up on. I am also looking forward to Lil Mans birthday party. He turned 3. It is going to be a blast. Last but certainly not least my trail dog Toby. I am sure he is missing his mommy as I am missing him.


  1. What great great photos! We honestly avoid all those hikes because they are so over populated with tourists when we're up there . . . might have to keep a few of those in mind maybe for some random trips in the future though.

    Drive safe on your way home and see you on Sunday bright and early for a slow one!

  2. I got to train you up on Coke drinking, only one Coke, amatueur hour. Where's the 44oz after all that hiking. It's a vacation live a little, oh wait you told me you have blond Oreo's, NICE.


  3. I really enjoyed your time in Tahoe! I hope you did. LOL
    Seriously, I loved these posts of your hikes and being a tour guide for me, with all the photos. Just beautiful.
    Thanks!! ;)