Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Trial Run

 It has been 9, I repeat 9 days since SNER. I have not run since then. That is huge for me. I have been resting and healing. So with that being said tonight I headed out with Trailmomma for our usual Tuesday evening run.  I thought this would be a great opportunities to see where I was at and this would also give trailmomma and I a chance to catch up on all things not running related.

The past 9 days have been tough on me. I am big on routines and I thrive when routines are set in place. Needless to say I have felt a bit out of control because I haven't been running my usual nights and distances. It really played with my head and I was heading into a funk pretty fast.

During this short term break my ribs/chest are slowly healing. In the morning I do not have as much as I use to and normal day to day activities are almost pain free. Yeah!!!! But I still do have pain when I left items and sometimes especially when my stress level increases my pain increases. But I am slowly healing.

Tonight I went out with Trailmomma for our usual 6 mile run. I was a little bit nervous about running tonight. I didn't know how my body was going to react and I was really hoping for a pain free run. My body felt good out there. My legs were not sluggish like I thought they would be. I had no pain in my legs....besides my inner thighs. That area is totally not healed yet and was aggravated from my shorts. As the run went on my stance was getting wider and wider.

At the beginning of the run my chest was a little tight but loosened very quickly. Overall I was very pleased which also excited me. My running drive is coming back too. I plan on not pushing the mileage but focusing on keeping my runs comfortable until I am fully healed.

It was great being out there again. The run was pretty uneventful, besides the deer we saw that scared me and almost made me run to the other side of the road, I just played it off like I was protecting trailmomma. I don't think she bought it though. We laughed a lot out there, we caught each other up with what has been going on since it has been a few weeks since we have run together. When running with trailmomma it doesn't feel hard or feel like work. Maybe that is why I enjoy our runs so much. That and I always learn something new....for instance Fly Like an Eagle

After the run I could tell immediately that my spirits were lifted. I was in a much better place. I am looking forward to Saturday's run but like I said I plan on keeping it low miles for now until I am fully healed. I am looking at it like baby steps, no need to rush it. Just as long as I am out there enjoying the runs pain free.

"The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start."

-John Bingham, running speaker and writer


  1. Thanks! It definitely was fun to be running again for pure enjoyement and no training pressure!

    Looking forward to Saturday! Do we need headlamps? haha

  2. Glad to see you are taking it slow at first and listening to your body. Sounds like a nice run you had!

  3. Nice re-entry run, sounds like you moved forward as needed.

  4. Yeah! I'm with you and Trailmomma, loving the run, just for the run of it! No pressure to meet certain mileage, training schedules, etc. Enjoy the scenery, girl, you've earned it.

  5. After being injured and not being able to run, somehow the love of running returns. ;)