Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Catching Up

I had an amazing week up in Tahoe. This was my last night out on the pier. But I was glad to be heading home, because Lil Man and traildog missed me. I came home on Friday, Lil Man and his mom were getting ready for a Halloween party. He had a blast at the party.

He is really into Woody from Toy Story, even mom got in on the action and dressed up!

Saturday I ran for the first time in a week. I did six steady miles. Overall my lungs felt great, I had no chest wall pain and no back pain, my legs were a little sluggish but that was due to all of the hiking I did in Tahoe. After my run it was time to get ready for Lil Mans birthday party. We were hoping the weather would hold because he had a bounce house at his party. There was a small window and the kids took full advantage of it and jumped until they couldn't jump any more.

What a awesome looking cake. My sister made it.

He couldn't wait to jump.

Cousin Q

Happy Birthday Lil Man

Some more bouncing.

It is great to be home after being gone for a week. I am lucky though I still have a week off from work. I do not have any major plans, tonight Lil Man wants me to go to his pre-school Halloween Party. I am looking forward to it and on Wednesday it is special Meme day which for him means chocolate milk. Or that is what he told us special meme day means.

I have been running since being home, I ran 11 miles on Sunday with Trailmomma. We braved the fierce wind. Luckily we managed to get our run in before the torrential down pour.
Then today we woke up bright and early before the sun came out for an easy run around her neighborhood. It was cold this morning. Trailmomma lead the way and directed me around her neighbor by light post. We turned at light post, don't ask me to do it myself for I was lost the entire time. After trailmomma headed home I ran back to my car and continued on running getting in a few extra miles. It was a different experience waking up early to run.
Once work starts back up for me I am going to have to figure out how to get my runs in. I will be working the night shifts. But for now I am enjoying as much sun shine as I can because once I go back to work I wont be seeing much of the sun.


  1. That cake is AWESOME!!!! Really impressive.

    Lil Man looks so cute in his Woody costume too! :-)

    Thanks for the run and laughs this morning.

  2. Does this mean you opted to continue doing remods?

    I'm glad you're pain free. Tahoe obviously did you good. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics!

  3. I haven't decided yet if I want to continue to do remodels. I have to have an answer by the time I get back.