Friday, October 29, 2010

Go Run for Me!

Recently I have been enjoying an early morning run, but today I had to put my run back until the afternoon. This morning I saw Dr. Chu from Elite Spinal and Sports Care. He has been treating my rib and chest wall injury for the past few months. When I first saw him I couldn't move my arms without pain, when I took a breath I was in pain and I couldn't sleep because I was in so much pain. Now that I have been seeing him I am almost pain free.

The past few weeks I have been on vacation, which means no heavy lifting, no pulling, no pushing freight, and I believe that has helped me heal. The past few weeks I have had some pretty strong runs and some times I haven't seen in awhile.

Today at my appointment he focused on my chest wall, he did notice it wasn't as tender as it has been in the past. He also spent a lot of time on my middle back on the left side and then my gluts to help release my right side of my back. My back was really tender. I am still a wreck but one that is more manageable.

For homework I am to go run for him and he told me once I return to work Sunday night I need to document if any of my pain returns and what exactly I was doing when the pain happened. He thinks that this injury may not be running related, but rather work related since my job is very physical. He thinks that if my pain returns it is a repetitive motion injury. I am hoping my pain doesn't return because I know I don't want to ever be in that much discomfort again. But I guess only time will tell.

After my appointment it was off to Apple Hill with my nephew Lil Man and my sister. We went to our favorite spots and Lil Man enjoyed the trip even though he kept asking to go home.
Ah how cute!

riding the school bus

"Can I go fishing please"

Just for you trailmomma

He was the smallest, but rode the biggest horse

"All Aboard"

even had time to go flying

I would say he had fun

The best part was the fresh apple doughnuts!

It was a great mid morning trip to apple hill with the family.

Once we got home it was time for me to run. Lil Man reminded me on the drive home that I needed to run today. How he knows these things I will never know. I went out for a quick 6 mile run. My legs were really tight at the start and they never loosened up enough for me to stride out. I had to stop and stretch my hamstrings as that area was causing me the most problems.

 The worst thing about the run today was when I rounded the corner and saw that the middle school had just gotten out. The side walk was inundated with kids walking, riding bikes, skate boards. I couldn't run on the side walk and when I looked around I noticed it wasn't safe for me to run on the street. This was due to the fact that there were a ton of cars parked next to the sidewalks, cars moving in the street so I had to walk against the school kids and make my way. As I rounded the next corner I was hoping for some space so I could start running again. But yet again all I saw were kids and cars everywhere. UGH this sucks. I ended up running in the street, yes I know not the safest but at this point I was frustrated and just wanted to be running.

Today's run took me 53 minutes being an overall pace of 8:50 per mile. After my run I focused on stretching for a bit. I wanted to get my hamstrings to release. Tomorrow is my long run, I am not sure how long that will be. But I do have doctors orders to go run. So that is what I am going to do, I am going to run. How great is that, I have a doctor that tells an injured runner to go run. SWEET!!! Now Go Run For Me!


  1. Fresh apple donuts? Are you kidding me? OMG! I have wanted a donut for a month now. I'm not letting myself have one because, well, you know, I'm not running right now. :(
    I like the duck picture, I know TM doesn't though. LOL
    It looks like you *all* had a fun time. ;)

  2. Glad to see your pain is getting better and have a Dr. who actually listens to you AND tells you to run. I can't even imagine finding a Dr. the good. HA

    Great photo of your adorable nephew and that Peking Duck. ;-)