Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Carnival

Yesterday since I had Lil Man's Halloween Carnival I ran early. Early as in before the sun came up. I met Trailmomma in her neighborhood. We ran 4 miles together before she had to leave and get and ready for work. During those four miles, she lead me through the neighborhood by street lights. "We are turning at the next street light." Umm OK, but which street light. All in all it was a great 6 miles to start my day.

Later that evening Lil Man, my sister, and I headed to his pre-school for the Halloween Carnival. Lil Man was supper excited. There was going to be games, a cup cake walk and a costume contest. It was really cute to see Lil Man interact with his teachers and friends. He didn't hang on us in fact he just went from game to game like he was on a mission. He even did the cup cake walk where he won the very first time he played. The teachers at his school are great. They took the time to make sure to say hi to all the kids and they even dressed up in costumes. It was a great atmosphere for all filled with energy and excitement.

When we came home later that evening he was wired. He played and played and played. He only had one cookie at the party and 2 cups of special soda, which was a huge treat for him. The great thing about the Carnival was the prizes weren't just candy, but pencils and eye balls and spider rings and a whoopee cushion. His favorite by the way. It was a great evening.

The next morning Lil Man woke up very happy and excited to be heading back to pre-school, but he also knew that after lunch I will be picking him for some special meme time. Since it was special meme day this afternoon I decided to get in a early morning run. Only it wasn't as early as the other day the sun was out, but it was cold. I ran around my neighborhood, which was nice for a change. Sometimes change is good and I really enjoyed the change of scenery. My legs felt strong the entire run, I even challenged myself and picked up the pace from time to time. I even laughed out there just remembering the last time I ran this route. It had been a long time. I am glad I was able to get my run this morning because now when I pick up Lil Man we can really enjoy the afternoon.

"Yes! I win"

Cupcake Walk

The spinning wheel, one of his favorites

All smiles after a great Carnival

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  1. Awesome. He looks like he had a BLAST!!!
    Great job waking up to run again. I had intentions but well a 2 am and 3 am mishap detered that for me.

    Planning hopefully to try again tomorrow morning but who knows. I am a flake these days!