Sunday, October 10, 2010

A New Attitude

Today I practiced self restraint. This morning I headed out and met up with the Fleet Feet Group. This training group is gearing up for Four Bridges and CIM. One group was running 16 miles and the other group was doing between 8-10 miles. I decided I would only run 8 miles today and those 8 miles were going to be easy.

Yeah right easy, I ended up pushing it and holding a 9:15 pace for 8 miles. I was actually excited that I was holding this pace. It felt pretty easy almost effortless. The reason I was so excited was when I was training for the ultras I was running long distances with a slow pace. But today I switched things up on my body and increased my speed. Yes, I know it may not seem very fast for only 8 miles but I will take it.

Overall the run was just what I needed. I could have done without the near death defining moment. I biker almost took me out and I mean took me out. I was in the front of the group holding a tight line on the asphalt. I noticed a biker just as we both were approaching a tight curve. It looked like he was going to go left (my right) so I held my line. It was a good thing I did because instead of him going left he went right. I mean it was inches from hitting me. He ended up going into the dirt on a road bike. I don’t know if he didn’t see me or maybe he thought I was going step aside or maybe it was just bad timing for both of us. I wasn’t running down the middle of the bike path, nor was I running two abreast. I was all by myself running on the left hand side near the dirt. If trailmomma was with me I am sure Jersey would have come out.

My body is healing; my ribs flare up whenever they want along with my back. It is a slow process. I still plan on taking the running nice and easy. I am going to focus on re-building my base, so pretty much starting all over. This might be good. I am looking at it like starting fresh, starting new again. Nothing like a fresh new attitude to start building my base.

Attitude determines altitude.
- Anonymous


  1. He probably didn't see you. At least he didn't yell at you . . . or did he?

    Take it easy . . . but nice job on the run.

  2. You're funny - what do you mean 9:15 pace for 8 miles not being fast - whatever! I can't even hold that pace for a mile - you rock!

    Glad you had a good run!