Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Eagle Falls Trail Hike

Eagle Falls

Difficulty: Moderate - Strenuous

The hike to Eagle Lake is moderate but once I continued on it became a vertical climb for about 2.5 miles. Then I reached the switch backs and then more climbing. After yesterdays hike my quads were feeling it today.

Elevation: 6,600'/8,500'

Mileage (one-way): 1 mile to Eagle Lake, 4½ miles to Dicks, Upper & Middle Velmas, 5 miles to Fontanillis

My hike totaled 9 miles. It took me 2.5 hrs to climb and 1.5 hrs to get down.

Leading into the heart of Desolation Wilderness, this steep trail offers majestic views of the Sierra high country. Eagle Lake is a popular short hike. Eagle lake is only a 1 mile hike. A longer hike took me almost to the three Velmas, Dicks and Fontanillis lakes. I turned around after 5 miles. .5 being a hike back and then I climbed a huge rock boulder to get some gorgeous views.

 Wilderness permit required.

I did the small loop as seen on this map. It would be great for anyone with some children. The views are awesome, and along the way there are little placards with history about Emerald Bay. After the small loop I went into Desolation Wilderness and just hiked until I felt like turning around. I had packed some food and warm clothes but I didn't my warmer clothes today. I did enjoy an apple and of course a payday.

This bridge took me over Eagle Falls. I can't imagine what the falls look like during the snow melt.

This is the start of my 2.5-3  mile vertical climb, might I add it was on the ridge line so please no wrong step! Luckily for me the trail was empty on my climb but on the way down it was getting crowded. I can't imagine this trail during peak season. I wouldn't want to be on it, but it is beautiful.

I can just make out Emerald Bay in the distance.

Eagle Lake, it was pretty and calm.

Still climbing! But doing it with a smile on my face.

This is where I turned around. In the distance you can see the lake I was shooting for, but it was about another mile away with some nasty climbs.

On top of a huge rock formation. I could see for days.

This is John, he showed me the "rock bowl." I talked with him for awhile just enjoying the views. All 360 of it.
Emerald Bay

Vikingsholm Trail is about .4 miles up the road and is a easy hike.  

Elevation 6230' / 6630'

1 mile

Vikingsholm Castle

You can view an authentic replica of a Viking castle. I have hiked the short trail to Lower Eagle Falls which begins directly across from the castle. Again this would be a great hike with kids. Maybe I will take Lil Man here the next time we come up.
All in all it was a great day, I did have some trouble getting motivated this morning. I started a little later then usual.
 I have been having a lot of difficulty with sleeping this week, I just can't seem to sleep. Insomnia is tough and it is wearing on me. I go to bed but 2 hours later I am wide awake. That is how my nights are going, me not sleeping. Maybe it has something to do with making a choice when I return to work in a a week and half. I still don't know what I am going to do. If I will continue doing remodels or Logistics. But for now I am just enjoying slowing things down and actually enjoying this vacation.


  1. Enjoy it to the fullest. I wish I could be out there right now.
    Isn't it amazing how beautiful Lake Tahoe can look from every different angle? Thanks for the gorgeous pictures! ;)

  2. Great hike! Great pictures too!!