Thursday, October 28, 2010

It amazes me

Yesterday afternoon I picked up Lil Man from preschool. It was special Meme time. As soon as I walked into preschool he came running up to me yelling "meme!" with the biggest smile on his face. Typically he comes home after preschool and takes a nap but today he had a special request. He wanted to go Target of all places, on my vacation. But what was I to do? So we headed to Target and he played and played with the toddler toys. He even scored a new Handy Manny front loader. As we headed up to check out he had me pick him up and he put his head on my shoulder. It was the cutest thing. Not only did he score a new toy but he enjoyed some fresh popcorn.
We headed home and played in the back yard with Trail dog and Ramsey his beagle. He played with his new baseball tee that he got for his birthday. Who knows maybe a future major league.

Look he is even calling his hit!

After all the excitement with baseball I thought it was time for his special treat. Chocolate milk!!!! He even asked for it which didn't surprise me. He was listening and doing everything I asked so I thought he deserved it. Along with his chocolate milk he wanted to show me how fast he could ride his new bike around the block.

Trying to make it up the driveway with his chocolate milk, he didn't want to put it down.

His favorite part about the entire ride was going over the speed bump. This time he added a little flare to it and put his arms in the air. Wonder where he got that from. Maybe Disneyland and going down splash mountain. Just a thought.

Lil Man was really fast, I had to run to keep up with him. One great thing about Lil Man is he has a big heart. As we had just left for the ride he stopped and turned around and made me bring Trail dog along. Trail dog enjoyed it even though Lil Man tried to run him over.

Lil Man and I had a blast together. We spent a lot of quality time together having those great conversations that only a three year old will have. You know like the "why Meme?" and the "I don't have to go to the bathroom." and then two minutes later he is pulling his pants down and going in the backyard. His response, "I need to water the grass." I only hope he doesn't try it at preschool.

Yup we even went around the block in his Halloween Costume. Sometimes he is such a ham! I think the best part of the entire afternoon was when I was sitting on the couch and he came up with a book and crawled into my lap and had me read to him, not once but twice. He just melts my heart!

Now onto this mornings six mile run. I was kind of in the mood of do I want to run, no not really. I can run later this afternoon, then I sat there and wrestled with the idea and finally came to the conclusion that I should just run so that way I can have the rest of the day.

Just like yesterday this morning was pretty chilly. As I was getting ready I decided that I wanted each mile to be faster then the previous mile. I needed a bit of a challenge this morning since I was not really motivated to run and what better way to motivate myself then a challenge.

Mile 1: 8:59 umm OK, it wasn't too fast but I hope I can do this.

Mile 2: 8:55 nice, a little bit faster but nothing that is going to kill me, and my legs were still feeling strong and it didn't feel like I was putting out much effort.

Mile 3: 8:45 OK not bad! The weird thing was during this stretch I was thinking about how I could improve my Logistics process at work specifically P-fresh.

Mile 4: 8:52 that is OK, I will just tell myself it is a little recovery and I will make it up the next mile. Still feeling strong.

Mile 5: 8:32 Not what I expected but OK, now I just need to finish strong!

Mile 6: 8:07 WOW!!! I did it. And I felt like I could keep running which is even better.

Overall pace: 8:42.

It is just amazing how my body is responding to a stress free zone. My chest wall pain is gone, my day to day activities are pain free and after my runs I am still pain free. Makes me really think about what my next role should be. Am I staying overnight in Logistics or should I continue with Remodels. That is still the question I need to answer. But for now I am just enjoying this faster pace of running for me.


  1. Awe Lil Man is just a sweet heart. What a great and special Meme day you had! I am telling you, 2.5 and 3 year olds can move the world with their kindness and love. Melts my heart daily.

    Nice job on the run too. Mmm, if you are this pain free now, perhaps all your problems were stress/work related? Did you tell Dr. Chu this?

  2. Enjoy that little man (assume he's a nephew?). You're going to blink and he's going to be 24! Trust me on this. ;)